Google releases August 2023 broad core update

This is the second Google core update of 2023. The rollout is expected to take up to two weeks to complete.

Google’s latest core update for August 2023 is currently in the process of rolling out and is anticipated to conclude within a span of two weeks.


Marking the second extensive core algorithm update for the year 2023, the prior core update took place in March. This March 2023 core update commenced its rollout on March 15 and wrapped up on March 28.


The passage of time since the March 2023 core update spans over five months.


Google made a formal announcement regarding this update via Twitter and also made updates on its search updates page. The announcement reads:

  • “Released the August 2023 core update. The rollout may take up to 2 weeks to complete.”

In case your website experiences negative impacts due to this or previous core updates, Google has offered advice on actions to consider.

  • It’s important to note that there might not be specific actions that guarantee recovery, and a dip in rankings doesn’t necessarily indicate issues with your web pages.
  • Google has provided a set of questions to contemplate if your site is affected by a core update.
  • Substantial changes tend to occur after another core update, even though minor recoveries can be observed between updates.

The implications of these updates are significant for website owners, as Google’s alterations to search ranking algorithms can lead to variations in how well your site performs in search results. Understanding when these updates occur helps discern whether the changes are due to alterations on your website or adjustments in Google’s ranking algorithm. With the confirmation of the recent core ranking update release, it’s advisable to closely monitor your analytics and rankings in the forthcoming weeks.


Shifting focus to other updates, the reviews update of April 2023 was the most recent confirmed Google update. This update spanned from April 12 to April 25.


Another notable event in 2023 was the February product reviews update, active from February 21 to March 7, spanning a significant 14 days.

Reflecting on preceding core updates, here is a summary of notable updates and their coverage:

  • The September 2022 broad core update concluded on September 26 and had a milder impact compared to previous core updates.
  • The May 2022 broad core update was swift and impactful.
  • The November 2021 core update.
  • The July 2021 core update.
  • The June 2021 core update, a substantial update with a gradual rollout.

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