Google Search can now index CSV files

Google updated its help document to say it can now index Comma-Separated Values (.csv) files.

In a recent development, Google Search has expanded the range of file types it can index, as revealed in an updated help document. The notable addition is the Comma-Separated Values (.csv) format, indicating a significant augmentation of Google Search’s indexing capabilities. This enhancement extends beyond a mere revision of the help document, as corroborated by a confirmation from John Mueller, a representative of Google.


The revision within the document becomes evident through the inclusion of a new line, signaling the newfound capability to index Comma-Separated Values (.csv) files. Interestingly, further comparisons reveal changes in the help document that involve the addition of sections regarding diverse video formats and various image formats. While the presence of these sections might seem like clarifications regarding Google’s capabilities, the indexing of CSV files introduces genuine functional advancement.

The significance of this advancement lies in the ability of Google Search to display CSV files in its search results, provided they are relevant to the user’s query. It is important to note that if there is a desire to prevent Google Search from indexing specific CSV files, appropriate measures need to be taken to restrict their accessibility.

This progression in Google Search’s capabilities opens new avenues for users and web content, facilitating easier access to information stored within CSV files. The confirmation of this update not only validates the expansion but also underscores the dynamism of Google Search in adapting to evolving user needs and technological possibilities.